Environmental Exposure


Cases involving toxic torts and environmental exposure require not only knowledge of the law, but also a specific scientific background. Robert J McKee, founder of The McKee Law Group, has built a nationally recognized reputation in this field of practice. Bob, who specializes in toxic torts, has litigated these type of cases throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. When a fungicide caused damage on several crops, Bob represented hundreds of farmers from Florida, Hawaii, Central America, the Caribbean, and Fiji. When BP’s Deepwater Horizon disgorged its poisonous chemicals, Bob was one of the lead attorneys helping the victims recover just compensation.

The McKee Law Group and its associated lawyers have both the expertise in the legal field as well as the scientific background necessary to successfully represent injured clients against powerful corporations. By constantly staying up-to-date with the applicable science, our lawyers develop creative pathways in order to prevail utilizing state-of-the-art methodology and science in each case.

When wrong refuses to yield, The McKee Law Group will fight to prevail.